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August 24, 2001

The German poet Rainer Maria Rilke advised "patience with all that remains unresolved." This week, long-suffering seems especially necessary, as few of the issues we've recently brought to your attention are coming to tidy conclusions.

Resign, Congressman Condit!

Some weeks ago, we called on Congressman Condit to resign; last night he confirmed our case. Not only did Condit impede the investigation in the critical early days, attempt to suborn perjury from another paramour, and refuse to answer for his actions. He broke the most sacred covenant any man can make - the vow of fidelity he swore to his bride. That alone should disqualify him from as a guardian of the public trust, and Congress disgraced itself by refusing to oust the remorseless rep.

Last night's interview only compounded Condit's misdeeds. By insulting the grieving family of a missing girl and alleging that everyone else either lies or misunderstands him, the Congressman showed himself unrepentant and untruthful. After Congress reconvenes, it should allow him 30 days to come clean, or go home. Otherwise, the ethics committee's name is a mockery and its members could find far better use for their time and our tax dollars.

W. Goes Globalist

As we predicted, the IMF came through with an $8 billion bail-out for Argentina, and now the Administration stands ready to hand billions more to the U.N. for "owed" dues. Rewind to Candidate Bush a year ago and compare his statements then to his present position:

"Mr. Bush replied in a brief letter to…the Campaign for United Nations Reform, saying….he would pay United States debts to the organization only when its bureaucracy has been reformed and American dues lowered. He also said that he wanted reforms at the International Monetary Fund…"
                    New York Times, 8/20/00

"President Bush welcomed the latest International Monetary Fund lifeline -- this one worth $8 billion -- for troubled Argentina, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday."
                    Reuters, 8/22/01

"The Bush administration, eager to pay delinquent U.S. dues to the United Nations before the president speaks to the world body next month, wants conservative lawmakers to back off a related measure that would protect U.S. military personnel from being tried for war crimes."
                    Washington Times, 8/17/01

Amnesty Sham

Contrary to GOP claims that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will turn Mexican nationals into Republican voters, a new study from the Center for Immigration Studies proves just the opposite. According to the report, immigrants become more Democratic with increased education and longer stays in the U.S., and even those with incomes over $100,000 are more likely to identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans. In addition, the study found that Hispanic immigrants who, against all odds, pull the GOP lever, favor less immigration and oppose bilingual education -- policies the Republican party seems desperate to leave behind.

Stem-Cell Sequel

After President Bush announced his decision on federal funding for stem-cell research, we warned that his baby step down the slippery slope could land him in a place he does not now choose to go. Already, the Washington Post is reporting that "Mounting uncertainties about the quantity and quality of embryonic stem cells available for research under a new Bush administration policy have persuaded many biologists that the President's approach poses serious constraints…" Dissatisfied with limited funding, his opponents are pushing the line, and since the President has already demonstrated willingness to compromise, they're eager for the next concession.

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