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Jesse Helms Comes Through Again
June 14, 2001

The Helms amendment to the education bill requiring schools that allow their facilites to be used by outside groups not discriminate against The Boy Scouts of America passed the Senate today by a vote of 52 to 48. Any school that refuses to allow the Boy Scouts to use their facilites will be cut off from all federal funding. This is truly a great victory not only for the Scouts but for all Americans who believe in traditional values.

The politically correct crowd in the Senate showed just how far out in left field they are today when they voted against the Helms amendment. The 48 who voted against Helms were outraged that the Boy Scouts would not allow homosexual men to become scout leaders. These leftists in the Senate are taking their goose-stepping marching orders from the people who are determined to stomp out every traditional institution and godly individual in this nation. Whether it is a Christian prayer at graduation, the teachings of the churches, the Ten Commandments posted on our courtroom walls, or the Boy Scouts insisting that the men who take our young boys camping are not homosexuals, the radicals are engaged in a war to erradicate anything and everything that is good and wholesome.

Who could have imagined even twenty years ago that the left could put together 48 United States Senators who would vote against The Boy Scouts of America and for the amoral crowd who want to take away our traditions and our culture? Yes, we have Jesse Helms in the Senate fighting for what used to pass for plain old common sense. But Senator Helms in considering retiring in 2002 and conservative Americans need to find more champions who are willing to fight for the values and principles that this great Republic were founded upon.

The Boy Scouts of America has not changed its rules, it is only that good Americans have stood by while the fringe elements of our society have fought tirelessly to take our country away from us.

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