About the Cause

Launched in 1993, The American Cause is an educational organization whose mission is to advance and promote traditional American values that are rooted in the conservative principles of national sovereignty, economic patriotism, limited government, and individual freedom.

The American Cause's staff pursues this mission by offering timely and accurate analysis on critical and controversial issues and delivering our message through

  • Member awareness and activism
  • Television appearances
  • Talk radio programs
  • Op-ed articles
  • Press releases to opinion-makers
  • Daily Internet updates
  • Monthly newsletter

Core Values

We believe that America's prosperity and progress hinge on our fidelity to founding principles: national independence, limited government, individual liberty, and traditional morality.

We believe that the future of our freedom depends on maintaining national sovereignty and oppose any effort by international organizations to assume governmental powers. America must remain engaged in world affairs, but with the Cold War won, we should withdraw ground forces from Europe and Asia and review all war guarantees and security commitments. Our armed forces must remain first on land and sea, in the air and in space, but their strength should not be splintered by global commitments where we have no national interest.

We believe that just as America should not extend her empire abroad, she should not colonize her own citizens through domestic programs that stifle responsibility and foster dependence. We favor devolution to the local level, reduction of government bureaucracy, and privatization to increase efficiency and promote accountability.

We believe that Americans are overtaxed and over-regulated. We favor a repeal of the death tax and marriage penalty, and support policies that cut taxes for families and small business, eliminate wasteful federal spending, and repeal regulations on American industry.

We believe in free and fair bilateral trade agreements and will push for reciprocal partnerships with all nations that practice the same. Because our prosperity and security depend on maintaining a strong manufacturing base, we support deals that protect our workers, reduce our trade deficit, and support our industries.

We believe that the strength of our culture depends on the integrity of our families and support policies that affirm traditional marriage, ease the financial strain of family life, and encourage parental involvement and accountability.

We believe that life begins at conception and that the deaths of 1.4 million unborn children each year are a stain on our nation's soul. We will fight for the appointment of pro-life judges and justices, passage of a human life amendment by Congress, and eventual reversal of Roe v. Wade.

We believe that all forms of discrimination are wrong and oppose any policy that prejudices or prefers individuals or groups on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

We believe assimilation and national unity should be the guiding principles in formulating immigration policy and support initiatives that end illegal immigration, reduce legal immigration to manageable levels, and emphasize integration of immigrants and their communities.

We believe that Americans have a duty to steward natural resources and uphold property rights while recognizing the need for responsible development. We support strategies that promote conservation through local accountability, deregulation, and individual incentive.

We believe the Second Amendment gives law-biding Americans the right to own and use personal firearms for sport or safety.

We believe that parents bear primary responsibility for the education of their children and support policies that empower families and local jurisdictions to maximize competition and choice.