A Letter from Bay on ObamaCare

A Letter from Bay

Dear Friends,

I don't know what's more alarming: A President who exercises unlimited power over the private sector or that his actions are met with so little resistance. Even more astounding-if that be possible-is that there is no evidence of success, or even improvement to the economy as a result of his interference and no one seems to care, least of all Barack Obama. He just marches forward undaunted.

After the feds shoveled out over $25 billion in taxpayer bailouts to Chrysler and GM, the companies are either in bankruptcy or headed there. And the Obamacrats are overseeing every aspect of the proceedings-from firing the CEO to approving the next line of vehicles. (Little unsafe clown cars-the kind Americans don't want).

The Administration forced the auto companies to shut down thousands of dealerships against their will, stealing franchises out from under their legal owners and turning them over to competitors. The legitimate owners received no compensation and without the franchise are unable to sell their inventory at market price. They face bankruptcy and the thousands who worked for them are out on the streets.

As Obama and his henchmen move forward in their efforts to remake America in their socialist image, it is clear they have no intention of allowing laws or people stand in their way.

Consider his treatment of the secured creditors of Chrysler. When they refused to accept the administration's proposal of 28% of the $7 billion owed them, Obama publicly rebuked them. But they couldn't accept the deal. They had a fiduciary responsibility to their investors to get a better deal-they had a legally guaranteed right to get their debt paid before the UAW did. And the Administration had offered the UAW 43 cents on the dollar and 55% ownership. Of course, the union folks are friends of Obama and that trumps law any day with this crowd.

Now GM is marching off into bankruptcy and guess who will be majority owner when they come out of it? The federal government! With 69% ownership! The same guys who after four months are still unable to fully staff the Department of Treasury are now in charge of running an auto company! What are the chances of this working well?

They take over the banks-they nationalize the auto industry-next on the agenda: health care--the evasive golden ring of the Left. It's the biggest power play of all. Today health care represents nearly a fifth of our economy, with 68% in the private sector and 32% in government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Affairs. This takeover is on the top of Obama's legislative agenda and a veto proof Congress puts it within his reach.

But an unexpected obstacle has presented itself---fiscally responsible Democrats. They have begun to ask the President how he plans on paying for it.

The inconvenient truth-trillions in taxes on the middle class-isn't settling well with those members of Congress who have any concern about re-election.

The goal of universal health care has long eluded the Left. America is the last industrialized country without it and that drives the Left crazy. The fact that our health care is the best in the world doesn't seem to matter. They simply don't care.

Both Harry Truman and Bill Clinton made a play for national health care. Both failed miserably and their efforts contributed to a disaster for Democrats in the next election--a loss of 55 and 54 congressional seats respectively and a Republican majority in the both Houses of Congress.

History needs to repeat itself-and it is our job to make certain it does.

In the Art of War Sun Tzu said the most important aspect of battle is to "Know your enemy." While Obama has not divulged the specifics of this plan we do know he is lying about its goal, the costs, and the quality of care it will provide. Equally important we know it will lead to rationing of health care for the elderly, the infirm and the disabled.

Lie #1: The President claims "You can't fix the economy without fixing health care." But after an in-depth analysis, Shikha Dalmia of the Reason Foundation, concludes that "[w]hatever universal coverage might bring, there is no evidence that it will bring economic nirvana. If anything, contrary to what the President suggests, the correlation runs the other way for countries with universal coverage such as Canada, England, France, Germany, and Japan. On nearly every economic front, their performance has been worse than America's-even, surprisingly, in controlling health care costs."

Lie #2: The President budgeted $634 billion for his health care plan. Experts put the number at anywhere from $1.2 trillion to $6 trillion over the first ten years.

Lie #3: The President claims his plan guarantees choice; that is it will "provide Americans a choice of health plans and physicians. People will be allowed to keep their own doctor and their employer-based health plan." The only guarantee is it will run private insurers out of business. First, the government is likely to follow the recommendation of Tom Daschle and set the rules for "deductible" health care plans. This would force most private insurers to comply. Then the feds could undercut the cost of the private insurance. Only a matter of time before this boondoggle turns into universal health care.

Lie #4: The President promised and continues to state he will not raise taxes on the middle class. Yet to pay for this massive entitlement Obama proposes using the funds he plans on raising from his Cap and Trade energy tax-which according to an MIT study will add an average of $3100 to every family's energy bill. There is also talk of taxing cigarettes, chips and soda pop; taxing employer provided health care benefits; or imposing a national sales tax. What does he call these?

Rationing: Obama plans to create a "Federal Health Board" modeled after the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. NICE is a central health bureaucracy that overrules the recommendations of doctor's for their patients, rations medicine and treatment and regularly rejects life saving treatments. (With one swoop of the pen Obama can eliminate the unhealthy and solve the Social Security and Medicare problems.)Friends, Obamacare will destroy the quality of health care in America and it will give the government control over who gets care and who doesn't. It will take away one more freedom Americans enjoy. Make no mistake Obama believes a central government is needed to make key decisions about our lives. For the love of liberty he must be stopped. It is time for conservatives to boldly oppose Obama and all he stands for.

Bay Buchanan