American Cause National Conference

Building the New Majority

Now is as an important time as ever for conservatives to ask tough questions. No one questions that these are serious times for our movement, our party, and most importantly our country.

Since our inception in 1993, The American Cause has urged the conservative movement and Republican Party to reject foreign interventionism, globalist trade , open borders, and big government. With the Democratic Party firmly in control, and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, are we too late? Has the culture, economy, and demographics of our country passed a tipping point where Conservatives can no longer rule with a mandate? Or can we revitalize our party and movement to the strength we had during the Reagan Years?

On June 20, 2009 in McLean, VA, attendees joined with Bay Buchanan, Pat Buchanan, and other top conservative leaders (see agenda below) to discuss Building the New Majority.

The agenda for conference included: 

Opposing Obama's Road to Socialism
     The Healthcare Crisis, Richard Scott
     The Hidden Tax, Christopher Horner

God's Country or Obama's?
     Social Issues and our Cultural Heritage, Ken Blackwell
     Our Common Understanding, Phill Kline
     Assimilating Immigrants into Americans, Tom Tancredo

     Are You Ready for Obama's Change, Phyllis Schlafly

Winning Working America
     Winning Back the Majoity, Pat Buchanan
     Illegal Immigration in Small Town America, Lou Barletta
     The Injustice of Affirmative Action, Ward Connerly
     The National Question, Peter Brimelow

Quo Vadis America?
     The Challenges of an American Foreign Policy, Tony Blankley
     History and Evolution of GOP Foreign Policy, Pat Buchanan
     Foreign Policy Discussion, Panelists