Reception Featuring Bay Buchanan and Tom Tancredo

The American Cause hosted its first Issue Reception, a small private reception with The American Cause's President Bay Buchanan, and Former Congressman Tom Tancredo who spoke on Fighting Illegal Immigration in the Age of Obama.  The reception was held in Washington DC on the evening of April 28, 2009.

Former Congressman and presdiential candidate Tancredo discussed the state of immigration policy with a Democratic President and Congress. He covered his experience with the limits of working on this issue in Congress, and the progress that's been made fighting illegal immigration on the state and local level.

Congressman Tom Tancredo needed no introduction to supporters of the American Cause.  Tancredo served Colorado's 6th Congressional District from 1999-2009.  Acknowledged by both sides of the debate as the leading opponent of illegal immigration, he founded and chaired the bipartisan House Immigration Reform Caucus that grew to over 100 members.  In 2008 he sought the Republican nomination for president and announced he would not seek reelection for Congress.  He currently serves as president of the Rocky Mount Foundation and as chairman of Team America PAC.