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Patrick J. Buchanan Column Archive

The Hillary Democrats 05/09/08
Is it Jaw Jaw or War War? 05/06/08
The way our world ends 05/02/08
Will the Right sit this one out? 4/29/08
Is he one of us 04/25/08
The Greenhouse Effect 04/22/08
Who's behind the proxy war? 04/18/08
In darkest Pennsylvania 04/15/08
Petraeus Points to War With Iran 04/11/08
Onward the revolution 04/08/08
Was it the good war? 04/04/08
Should we fight for Ossetia 04/01/08
Uprooting the new racism 03/28/08
The "isms" that bedevil Bush 03/25/08
A Brief for Whitey 03/21/08
Pastor to the President? 03/18/08
Playing By Obama's Rules 03/14/08
To Die For NAFTA 03/11/08
How Liberals Play Race Politics 03/06/08
The Second Battle of NAFTA 03/04/08
Katrina Nation 02/29/08
The Return of Ethnic Nationalism 02/26/08
McCain Calls Out the Times 02/22/08
Does Balkanization Beckon Anew 02/19/08
The Jena Six and Other Scams 02/15/08
Huck's Hour of Power 02/12/08
A Rapprochemont With The Right 02/09/08
Looking Back 02/05/08
Tapped Out Nation 02/01/08
Obama's Hollow Victory 01/29/08
What McCain Means 01/25/08
Ghettoizing Barack 01/21/08
Chaos or Creative Destruction 01/18/08
Subprime Nation 01/15/08
The Brothers and Sisters War 01/11/08
In Search of the Vital Center 01/08/08
Last Hurrah of the Reagan Coalition 01/04/08
The Impotent Hegemon 01/01/08
Annus Horriblis Ahead 12/28/07
Time Gets Serious Again 12/25/07
Is it Down to Mitt and Mike 12/21/07
Hard Ball or Dirt Ball? 12/18/07
Is World War III On Hold? 12/14/07
Mitt/Mike Religious War 12/12/07
Mitt's Hour of Power 12/07/07
Can Diversity Destory Us? 12/04/07
Blowback From Moscow 11/30/07
Ideology Was Bush's Undoing 11/27/07
Freedom vs. Equality 11/22/07
Democracy vs. Security 11/20/07
The Crash of 2008? 11/16/07
Is World War III On Hold 11/13/07
Is a Vote for Rudy a Vote for War? 11/09/07
An Intrusion of Reality 11/06/07
Sinking Dollar, Sinking Country 11/02/07
The Recantation of Dr. Watson 10/30/07
Looking for Mr. Right 10/26/07
Apocalypse Now? 10/23/07
Who Restarted the Cold War 10/19/07
Unfit For Command 10/16/07
George W. Bush, Globalist 10/12/07
The Scramble for America 10/09/07
Hillary a shoo in? 09/28/07
Paging Sen. Biden 10/02/07
Is Belgium breaking up? 09/28/07
Infantile Nation 9/25/07
Is terrorism a mortal threat? 9/21/07
No laughing matter in Russia 09/18/07
Stopping the next war 9/14/07
Retreat of the antiwar Democrats 09/11/07
We Did It To Ourselves – Thanks to Free-Traders 08/24/07
The Color of Crime 08/21/07
Rove Had ‘Tactical Brilliance, Strategic Blindness’ 08/17/07
GOP Race to Toughen and Tighten 08/14/07
Dr. Putnam’s Bunker-Buster 08/10/07
Sub-Prime Superpower 08/07/07
Into Waziristan! 08/03/07
The SWF's are Coming 07/31/07
Obama's Got a Point 07/27/07
First Preseason Game-Aug 11 07/24/07
How Empires End 07/20/07
Tonkin Gulf II and the Guns of August? 07/17/07
The Prince of Darkness 07/13/07
A Triumph for Traditionalists 07/10/07
How Scooter Skated 07/06/07
In Defeat, a Bush Opportunity 07/03/07
The Retreat of the Old GOP Bulls 06/29/07
Will Bloomberg Swift-Boat Hillary? 06/25/07
The Martyr of Mosul 06/22/07
The Democracy Whorshiper 06/19/07
On the escalator to war with Iran 06/15/07
The Regime Against the Nation 06/12/07
See Rudy and John Run 06/08/07
Who Lost Russia? 06/05/07
GOP Base: Time to Lock and Load 06/02/07
Does 'the Decider' Decide on War? 05/30/07
Why Congress Caved to Bush 05/25/07
The Path to National Suicide 05/22/07
But who was right, Rudy or Ron? 05/18/07
The New World Order of the GOP 05/15/07
Rudy's party...or Reagan's 05/11/07
Jamestown as it never was 05/08/07
The Dark Side of Diversity 05/01/07
The Squalid Politics of War 04/27/07
Abortion is Back in 2008 04/24/07
Too Much Tolerance 04/20/07
Wolfie's Bank 04/17/07
The Imus Lynch Mob 04/13/07
What lack of Courage Cost 04/10/07
Magnanimous Mahmoud 04/06/07
Protectionism, patriotism make a comeback in France 04/03/07
Mid-life crisis for the EU 3/30/07
Interventions without end 3/27/07
Rogue Congress 03/23/07
Nancy Pelosi: AIPAC girl 03/20/07
Gen. Pace vs. Parson Warner 03/15/07
Bush's Thermidor 03/13/07
Martyr of the war party 03/07/07
Dumbing down of America 03/06/07
Fresh troops or fresh thinking? 03/02/07
Free Trade and Funny Math 02/27/07
The Sun Sets on the West02/23/07
Baghdad on the Potomac 02/20/07
Auto Graveyard 02/16/07
Does Putin not have a point? 02/13/07
Is bombing Iran Bush's call? 02/09/07
Joe and the 'fluffernutters' 02/06/07
And who isolated us? 02/02/07
Hysteria at Herzliya01/30/07
The ideologue 01/24/07
The X Factor in 2008: Iran 01/23/07
See the Superpower Run 01/19/07
Mister Bush, Meet Walter Jones 01/16/07
Still one more card to play 01/12/07
Who is planning our next war ? 01/09/07
Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush ? 01/05/07
End of a Year, End of an Era? 01/02/07
A hood man in evil times? 12/29/06
The real schismatics and bigots? 12/22/06
Broken Army, Broken Empire ? 12/20/06
Person of the year: Ahmadinejad? 12/19/06
A Chain of Corruption? 12/15/06
The Coming GOP War Over War? 12/12/06
Withdraw to Victory? 12/08/06
Solving the "stability" problem 12/05/06
A war of all against all 11/28/06
Is Putin Being Set Up 11/28/06
Befuddled Superpower 11/21/06
W's Amnesty Train: Full Speed Ahead? 11/16/06
Looking for an exit ramp11/14/06
Time for another "thumping?" 11/10/06
The Return of Economic Nationalism 11/07/06
Why the GOP is losing 11/03/06
November '56: Ike's defining moment 10/31/06
It's Time For Rebellion Against Judicial Tyrants 10/27/06
Georgia on Moscow's Mind10/24/06

America  2050: A nation of turtles 10/20/06

Is the Bush Doctrine dead? 10/17/06
An Asian nuclear arms race? 10/11/06
The heightening Foley frenzy 10/10/06
Mark Foley's Oprah Defense 10/06/06
An American Dein Bein Phu? 10/03/06
Consult America -- Before Iran war! 09/26/06
Behind comic relief at the United Nations 09/22/06
Benedict XVI: On God and the prophet 09/18/06
America's dimishing options in Iraq and Afghanistan 09/15/06
Clinton vs. Gore? 09/12/06
America's ideologue in Chief 09/09/06
Can the GOP be saved? Perhaps. 09/05/06
Islamo Fascism? 09/01/06
Will America Survive to 2050 08/25/06
Judgement day for the neocons 08/18/06
Olmert's war, and the next one 08/15/06
Were Bush and Blair targets? 08/12/06
The meaning behind Connecticut 08/09/06
Condi's "New Middle East" 08/08/06
On talking with terrorists 08/04/06
Our moral culpability for Qana 07/31/06
Israel's Vietnam Syndrome 07/28/06
Syria emerges front and center 07/24/06
No, this is not "our war" 07/21/06
Where are the Christians? 07/18/06
Russia is not a lost cause 07/15/06
The end of the cowboy era 07/11/06
Kim's rocket clears the air 07/09/06
An Independent Republic Still 07/04/06
Times 2, Bush 0. 06/30/06
Is defeat now an option? 06/27/06
An idea whose time has come 06/23/06
Is Catholocism now 'unacceptable' 06/20/06
Condi and the isolationists 06/16/06
The stealth amnesty of Mike Pence 06/13/06
Bad month for McCain 06/09/06
What Haditha portends 06/06/06
Brave New World 06/02/06
The state at war with the nation 05/30/06
Steering into a third intifada 05/26/06
The death of the nation state 05/23/06
Is the GOP sscendancy over? 05/19/06
Whose god may we mock? 05/16/06
Comrade Wolf and the Mullahs? 05/12/06
Why are we baiting Putin 05/09/06
A Bolivarian alternative 05/05/06
A strike against America 05/02/06
Of imperial presidents and congressional cowards 04/28/06
Of Pulitzers and treason 04/26/06
How great powers become great 04/21/06
Return of America First 04/18/16
The generals' revolt 04/15/06
Is war with Iran inevitable 04/11/06
Kerry: the antiwar candidate? 04/07/06
The Bush malaise 04/04/06
The death of eurosocialism 03/31/06
What is 'democracy'? 03/27/06
Are the neocons losing it? 03/27/06
Punishing Apostasy 03/21/06
Have the Republicans lost 2006? 03/17/06
Panic in Davos world 03/14/06
What the Indian giver got 03/10/06
What the Indian giver got 03/07/06
The neocon temptation 03/03/06
When Bush-worlds collide 02/28/06
Should we discriminate on ports deal? You bet! 02/25/06
The White House and adversary press 02/22/06
Churchill, Hitler and Newt 02/20/06
Our hollow prosperity 02/15/06
The cartoon wars 02/13/06
Secularist stupidity and religious wars 01/08/06
Bristling defiance – in retreat 02/06/06
In defense of foreign aid – for Hamas 02/01/06
Does Democracy Blvd. lead to Islamism? 01/30/06
Iran vs. Israel: Bush's dilemma 1/25/06
What would Jack Bauer do? 1/23/06
Another undeclared war? 1/18/06
Cardinal McCarrick & the Catholics' war 1/16/06
Demographic crisis of the GOP 1/11/06
Abramoff as metaphor 1/9/06
Time to talk to Tehran 1/5/06
Tookie and The Terminator 1/2/06
Darwin's Pyrrhic victory 12/28/05
How stands the empire? 12/26/05
How Bush turned it around 12/21/05
Darwinism on defense 12/19/05
Idealism vs. realism in Egypt 12/14/05
Who killed General Motors? 12/12/05
A 'Tet' moment coming 12/9/05
No amnesty, no deal, Mr. President 12/7/05
Lying to ourselves 12/5/05
Putin and the neo-comintern 11/30/05
Is defeat now an option? 11/28/05
A plague on both their houses 11/23/05
The malady recurs 11/21/05
The politics of war & the Patriot Card 11/15/05
The crisis of the GOP 11/10/05
Paris burning: How empires end 11/9/05
The IEDs on democracy road 11/7/05
Pat Fitzgerald: A 'special' prosecutor 11/2/05
The sacrifice of Harriet Miers 10/31/05
2,000 dead – and for what? 10/26/05
The greatest scandal 10/24/05
Bush's faith-based war 10/19/05
'Sexism' and the first family 10/17/05
The lynching of Bill Bennett 10/12/05
Why did Bush do it? 10/7/05
Miers Qualifications Are 'Non-Existent' 10/03/05
The GOP's broken hammer 10/03/05
Our paralyzed elite 9/28/05
'We have met the enemy – and he is us' 9/26/05
Declare war on 'radical Islam'? 9/21/05
Recycled liberal cliches at the United Nations? 9/19/05
Failure of an idea... and a people 9/14/05
Stand up to them, Mr. President! 9/12/05
Summer is over for America 9/07/2005
Who lost New Orleans? 9/05/2005
Conservatism: A house divided 8/31/05
A national emergency 8/29/2005
The war, the Democrats and Hillary 8/24/05
Sharon: Hero and Goat of Gaza 8/22/05
Cindy Sheehan: Anti-war catalyst 8/17/05
Is this Iran crisis for real? 8/15/05
Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Christian morality 8/10/05
What are the Darwinists afraid of? 8/08/05
The phone booth revolution 8/03/05
Is America's war winding up? 08/01/05
CAFTA: Ideology vs. National Interests 07/27/05
But What Kind of Conservative? 07/25/05
'Cinderella Man' a Home Run 07/20/05
President vs. Press: The Coming War 07/18/05
Why Are They Killing Us? 07/13/05
On Jailing Journalists 07/11/05
The Judges War: An Issue of Power 07/06/05
Is Bush Adoptinga Nixon Strategy? 07/04/05
Schizophrenia over China 06/29/05
A Scolding from Miss Rice 06/27/05
Is It an Unwinnable 'Republican War'? 06/22/05
The Coming Politics of War & Upheaval 06/20/05
Reviving the Foreign-aid Racket 06/15/05
Populism & Nationalism vs. Globalism 06/13/05
Demythologizing Watergate  06/08/05
Completing the Watergate Picture 06/06/05
Get Out of Putin’s Face 06/06/05
After the McCain Mutiny 06/01/05
Take John On, Bill, or Get Off the Playground 05/31/05
Bringing the Arab Street to Power  05/25/05
Moral Nihilism at Newsweek 05/23/05
Catholic-bashers and Pius' Defenders 05/18/05
Speed Bumps on Democracy Boulevard 05/16/05
Was World War II Worth It? 05/11/05
Bush, Putin and the Hitler-Stalin Pact 05/09/05
CAFTA: Last Nail in the Coffin? 05/09/05
Bye-bye Bush Doctrine ... It's Back to Deterrence 05/04/05
What Does 'Democracy' Mean – Over There? 05/02/05
Nuclear Option in a Religious War 04/27/05
Behind the Rage at Benedict XVI 04/25/05
Is GOP Heading for the Tall Grass? 04/20/05
Riding the Free Trade Raft Over the Falls 04/18/05
Fighting and Winning the 'Judges War' 04/13/05
Pius XII and John Paul II 04/11/05
Is Protectionism Racism? 04/11/05
But What Made Him Great? 04/06/05
The Execution of Terri Schiavo 04/04/05
The Culture of Death Advances 03/30/05
Nazis: Pioneers in Medicine 03/23/05
Restore the Rights of Clergy in America 03/21/05
Today's New Democrats: Hamas & Hezbollah 03/16/05
The Unpredictability of Revolutions 03/14/05
The Stillborn Empire 03/14/05
Unpardonable Sin of Larry Summers 03/09/05
Sam Francis: Obdurate for Truth 03/07/05
A Republic, Not a Democracy 03/02/05
Should the U.N. Be Lord of the Oceans? 02/28/05
The Anti-Conservatives  02/28/05
Democracies & Double Standards 02/23/05
Baiting a Trap for Bush? 02/21/05
Patrick J. Buchanan Debates Israeli Cabinet Member Natan Sharansky 02/17/05
The Democrats' Dilemma 02/16/05
Richard Nixon’s Revenge  02/016/05
As Adelphia Goes, so Goes America? 02/14/05
Is Bush Misdiagnosing the Maladay? 02/09/05
Is Democracy On the March, or Revolution? 02/07/05
Second-Term Test 01/31/05
The American-Sunni War 01/31/05
The Closing of the Harvard Mind 01/31/05
An Inaugural Formula for Endless War 01/26/05
An American Who Can't Say No 01/24/05
Does Wilson's Fate Await Bush? 01/19/05
The Criminal Conspiracy to Sink Bush 01/17/05
Bush-Neocon Parting of the Ways? 01/12/05
Torture and the Terror War 01/10/05
Bush Rhetoric vs. Reality 01/05/05
The Sweetheart Contract with Sharon  11/17/04
Now, End the Judicial Dictatorship  11/8/04
The Wedge Politics of Osama Bin Laden  11/3/04
To Punish Bush is to Punish America  10/25/04
Kerry's Self-Inflicted Wound"  10/20/04
Unanswered Questions of 2004"  10/18/04
The Resurrection of "America First!"  10/13/04
Truth and the War Presidents  10/11/04
The Windsurfer & the Kerry Doctrine  10/6/04
Bush Plays the Patriot Card  9/29/04
Where's the Outrage ... at CBS?  9/27/04
The Useful Idiots of Osama bin Laden  9/22/04
Dan Rather: The Final Days  9/20/04
Was Dan Duped?  9/15/04
A Peace Bloodier Than War  9/13/04
Pollardites in the Pentagon?  9/8/04
An Exclamation Point Vs. A Question Mark   9/6/04
Is America at Last Coming Home?  9/1/04
Swift Boat Vets Still Fighting for Their Country  8/30/04
The Sampan Incident  8/25/04
America's Next War?  8/23/04
What's 'Gay' Got to Do with It?  8/18/04
Kerry in Cambodia: A Question of Character  8/16/04
America as Predators Paradise  8/11/04
A New Era of Christian Persecution  8/9/04
A Non-Believable Ticket  8/4/04
The Fraud at the FleetCenter  8/2/04
Has the Counterrevolution Begun?  7/28/04
The Committee on the Present Confusion  7/26/04
The Drumbeat to Dump the Veep  7/21/04
No Nationalists on Jack's 'Shining Hill'  7/19/04
Bill Cosby Reads the Riot Act  7/14/04
An Arranged Marriage ... That May Work  7/12/04
Your Eminence, What's There to Study?  7/7/04
Let Europe Fend For Itself  7/5/04
The War We're Losing  6/30/04
Another Step Toward World Government  6/28/04
The Engines of Government's Growth  6/23/04
The Wrong War  6/21/04
Rating the Presidents  6/16/04
Was Reagan the First Neoconservative?  6/14/04
Goodbye to 'The Gipper'  6/9/04
The Dog Days of the War Party  6/7/04
Spectators Again in 2004  6/2/04
Lowered Expectations  5/31/04
Escalation Vs. Exit: The Costs of Both  5/26/04
Civil War Looming in the GOP?  5/24/04
What Do We Offer the World?  5/19/04
Rise of a Judicial Dictatorship  5/17/04
A Time for Truth  5/12/04
The Superpower Goes to Confession  5/10/04
The Meaning of Fallujah  5/5/04
What Went Down in Kansas City?  5/3/04
'He Weareth the Christian Down'  4/28/04
Going Back to Where They Came From  4/26/04
Bush Outsources Mideast Policy  4/21/04
Thinking the Unthinkable  4/19/04
Soldier On, Escalate, or Get Out?  4/14/04
Fr. Kerry & Pius XXIII  4/12/04
Is Failure Now an Option?  4/07/04
Have We the Will to Win?  4/05/04
The Defector  3/31/04
Israel's Isolation ... and Ours  3/29/04
America in 2050: Another Country  3/24/04
The Consequences of 'Mr. Bush's War'  3/22/04
Terrorists - or Freedom Fighters?  3/17/04
Defining Kerry Downward  3/15/04
The Job Crisis and the GOP  3/10/04
The Aggressors in the Culture Wars  3/8/04
Mel Gibson's Triumph  3/3/04
Greenspan's Grim Diagnosis  3/1/04
Time for the Counterrevolution  2/25/04
An Index of American Decline  2/23/04
Is Free Trade Falling Out of Fashion?  2/18/04
Have the Neocons Destroyed the Presidency?  2/16/04
A Matter of Trust  2/11/04
Mitt Romney: Meet Calvin Coolidge  2/09/04
What Are We Doing There?  2/04/04
A Northern Strategy for Kerry-Gephardt  2/02/04
Jefferson vs. the Nashville Schools  1/28/04
Bush Prepares the Battlefield  1/26/04
For Truth in Journalism  1/21/04
Goodbye, Barry Goldwater  1/19/04
Mexamerica, Here We Come  1/14/04
Real Message of Bush Amnesty  1/12/04
Dean: A Prophet Ahead of His Time?  1/7/04
Coming Thaw with Tehran?  1/5/04
George W. Bush: Man of the Year  12/31/03
Bushite Betrayal of Working America  12/29/03
The Bush Doctrine: Wins & Losses  12/24/03
The Bone in Beijing's Throat  12/22/03
The Trial of Saddam Hussein  12/17/03
The Nixonian Strategy of Al Gore  12/15/03
Here We Go Again  12/10/03
Bush, Nixon, & LBJ  12/8/03
Rewriting Cold War History  12/3/03
What We Owe to NAFTA  12/1/03
Why Do the Neocons Hate Dixie So?  11/26/03
Time for a New Boston Tea Party   11/24/03
Will Bush Exit - or Escalate?   11/19/03
Is There Steel in Bush's Spine?   11/17/03
George Woodrow Carter   11/12/03
It's Al's Party Now   11/10/03
The Unmentionable Bloc   11/5/03
The 'Assassination' of Ronald Reagan   11/3/03
Rummy's 'long, hard slog'   10/29/03
A Christian Warrior Under Fire   10/27/03
China: Friend Or Foe - Or Neither?   10/22/03
Is It Bush Vs. Dean?  10/20/03
The End Of The Imperial Project  10/15/03
Does America Need A Recall?  10/13/03
Blacklisting Rush From The NFL  10/8/03
The Novak Leak And The Bush Duty  10/6/03
Mass Immigration: Suicide Pill Of The GOP  10/1/03
Iraq & Tet, George W. & LBJ  9/29/03
Can America Transcend Race?  9/24/03
Clinton-Clark In 2004?  9/22/03
The Slow Awakening Of George W.  9/17/03
Wrong War In The Wrong Place  9/15/03
How Nations Perish  9/10/03
The Imperial Retreat Begins  9/8/03
Where Political Principles Are Dead Weight  9/3/03
One Nation Under God?  9/1/03
Only Iraqis Can Save Iraq  8/27/03
The Message In The Baghdad Bombing?  8/25/03
Reflections In A Blackout  8/20/03
Viva La Revolucion!  8/18/03
Imperial Wars, Then & Now  8/13/03
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Religious War  8/11/03
A City Of Big Ideas And Tiny Minds  8/6/03
Trading Seabiscuit For A Rabbit  8/4/03
Who Killed California  7/30/03
A Study In Appeasement  7/28/03
Will We Stay The Course In Iraq?  7/23/03
Approaching Imperial Overstretch  7/21/03
Of 'Treason' & Tailgunner Joe  7/16/03
Naked Forgery  7/11/03
Wilson's War To End War  7/9/03
The Supreme Court Is Not Supreme  7/7/03
What The Court Betrayals Portend  7/2/03
Why Are We Still Here?  6/30/03
Europe's Last Will And Testament?  6/25/03
A Decision Based On Deceit?  6/23/03
Conan The Barbarian - In Sacramento?  6/18/03
Is Liberal Media Bias A Myth?  6/16/03
The Coming Episcopalian Crackup? 6/11/03
Mainstreaming Deviancy  6/9/2003
An Unnecessary War  6/4/2003
War Party's Saber Rattling  6/2/2003
Radicalization Of Middle America 5/28/2003
What Freedom Is All About 5/26/2003
The Useful Idiots of Osama bin Laden 5/21/2003
The Terrorists' Turn at Bat 5/19/2003
The Revenge of Spiro Agnew 5/14/2003
When the Right Was Right 5/12/2003
Where Are They, Mr. President? 5/7/2003
Why America's Empire Will Vanish 5/5/2003
What Was Newt Thinking? 4/30/2003
Santorum Before the Inquisition 4/28/2003
Crown Jewel of the American Empire 4/23/2003
Tony Blair: President of Europe? 4/21/2003
Have We Just Hit the Tar Baby? 4/16/2003
Bush's Headache... and Historic Opportunity 4/14/2003
On to Damascus? 4/9/2003
What's Next Mr. President 4/7/2003
Bush Doctrine, R.I.P.? 4/2/2003
Dead Man Plotting 3/31/2003
The Poisoning of American Politics 3/17/2003
First and Last War of the Bush Doctrine? 3/12/2003
The Case For Torture 3/10/2003
Why the French Behave As They Do 3/5/2003
After Baghdad Where Do We Go? 3/3/2003
The Passing Away of Mother Russia 2/26/2003
With Friends Like These... 2/24/2003
Costs of War Already Coming In 2/19/2003
The '50-Years War'? 2/17/2003
Are Bush and Rumsfeld Closet Populists? 2/12/2003
Why Does Iraq Top the Enemies List 2/10/2003
Kim Jong Il at the OK Corral 2/5/2003
The Unintended Consequences of War 2/3/2003
Is George W. Bush an Imperialist? 1/29/2003
Is the Global Economy About to Crash? 1/27/2003
Kamikaze McCain 1/22/2003
Bush Hits a Double on Quotas 1/20/2003
Moral Corruption in Illinois 1/15/2003
Here Comes the Judge -- Again! 1/13/2003
The Coming U.S. Retreat from Asia 1/8/2003
Political Correctness at Little Round Top 1/6/2003
GOP Seeks Absolution from Rev. Al 1/1/2003
The Neocons and Nixon's Southern Strategy 12/30/2002
End of the Christian Era? 12/26/2002
2003: A Year of Wars? 12/23/2002
Trent Lott: A Victim of Hate Crimes 12/18/2002
What Stinks About Washington 12/13/2002
An Index of Catholicism's Decline 12/11/2002
The Times Vendetta Against Augusta 12/9/2002
Harvard Embraces Bath House Values 12/4/2002
Is Islam a Religion of Peace? 12/2/2002
Say Goodbye to the Golden Land 11/27/2002
Moses and Judge Moore vs. Morris Dees 11/25/2002
Rooting for 'Hootie' 11/20/2002
Where Intolerance Is a Virtue 11/18/2002
Now Comes the Hard Part 11/13/2002
Will Bush's Legacy Be a 'Bush Court'? 11/11/2002
The State of American Politics 2002 11/6/2002
Who Let in the Beltway Sniper 11/4/2002
The Beltway Sniper and the Media 10/30/2002
The Poison Fruit of Free Trade 10/28/2002
Dictatorships and Double Standards 10/23/2002
Is Saddam Another Hitler? 10/21/2002
The Closet Imperialists Come Out 10/14/2002
Who Holds the Patriotism Card? 10/10/2002
Onto Baghdad -- And Beyond 10/8/2002
The Self-Immolation of the Infantile Left 10/2/2002
The Dog Days of Capitalism 9/30/2002
America's New "Sucker Punch" Strategy 9/25/2002
Has Saddam Cheated the Hangman? 9/23/2002
Who Dares, Wins 9/18/2002
Searching For the Saddam Bomb 9/16/2002
The War Party's Imperial Plans 9/11/2002
The New World Order Grows Teeth 9/9/2002
Her "Finest Hour" Is Forgotten History 9/4/2002
The Cheney Doctrine: War Without End 9/2/2002
Who Gave Mankind the Gift of WMD? 8/28/2002
My Cousin, the Codebreaker 8/26/2002
Has Bush Ben Mouse-trapped Into War? 8/21/2002
The Unfree Society of Michael Bloomberg 8/19/2002
Bailing Out Brazil -- Or Robert Rubin? 8/14/2002
Congress' Vacation From Duty 8/12/2002
The Most Admired Man on Earth 8/7/2002
A Feminist End Run Around Sovereignty 8/5/2002
Losing the Home Front 7/31/2002
Is Protectionism America's Future? 7/29/2002
The Panic of 2002 7/25/2002
Congress Steps Up to the War Issue 7/22/2002
What Exactly Is Terrorism? 7/17/2002
Endlessly Playing the Race Card 7/15/2002
Heading Into a New Afghan War 7/10/2002
The July 4th Surrender 7/8/2002
Bush and World Government 7/3/2002
Time For a Little Rebellion 7/1/2002
Will Bush Follow Bill to Bailout City? 6/26/2002
Time of the Terrorist 6/24/2002
Do We Have a License to Kill? 6/19/2002
'Twas a Famous Media Victory 6/17/2002
The Bad Old Days of J. Edgar Hoover 6/12/2002
Woodrow W. Bush 6/10/2002
American Roots of 21st Century Wars 6/5/2002
It's the Immigration, Stupid! 6/3/2002
What Price the American Empire? 5/29/2002
The 'No-Whites-Need-Apply' Caucus 5/24/2002
Piling on the President 5/21/2002
To Live and Die in LA 5/17/2002
End the Embargo on Cuba 5/14/2002
The New Politics of Hate 5/10/2002
Anti-Catholicism at the New York Times 5/7/2002
Congress Must Debate War on Iraq 5/3/2002
True Fascists of the New Europe 4/30/2002
Choosing Between Friends 4/26/2002
The Earthquake in France 4/23/2002
World Government Rising 4/16/2002
Bush Strategy in Shambles 4/12/2002
Sharon 1 Bush 0 4/9/2002
The Prisoner of Sharon 4/5/2002
Palestinians Are Winning 4/2/2002
Holy Land Easter 2002 3/29/2002
Foreign Aid and Republican Abdication 3/26/2002
Bush-Bashing by Bill Bennett 3/22/2002
Clean House in the Catholic Church 3/19/02
A Bush Amnesty for a Mexican Army 3/15/02
The Pentagon Thinks the Unthinkable 3/12/02
Bush Takes a Stand For America First 3/8/02
Why Does Islam Hate America? 3/5/02
The Great Condom Fraud and Cover-Up 3/1/02
The Hollowing Out of America 2/26/02
Courting Another Beirut Bombing 2/22/02
Desert Storm II? 2/19/02
How a President's Words Can Lead to War 2/15/02
Enron and the Decline of Capitalism 2/12/02
Scalia v. the Pope: Who's Right on the Death Penalty 2/8/02
The War Party and the 'Axis of Evil' 2/05/02
American Caesar 2/1/02
The de-Christianization of VMI 1/29/02
Next to Go: The U.S. Aircraft Industry 1/25/02
Does Libertarianism Lead to Statism? 1/22/02
The Sad Suicide of Admiral Nimitz 1/18/02
Mainstreaming Deviancy in California 1/15/02
Political Correctness vs. National Security 1/11/02
How to Mau-Mau a Harvard Don 1/8/02
War Party vs. the Constitution 1/4/02
Say Goodbye to the Mother Continent 1/1/02
Argentina: Another IMF Debacle 12/29/01
Peace Plan for the Holy Land 12/27/01
The Abolition of Christmas 12/21/01
Free Trade: Pied Piper of Global Government 12/18/01
War Leader in Highest Western Tradition 12/17/01
The Trojan Horse of Global Tyranny 12/14/01
Why Did Japan Attack Us? 12/11/01
Coming Clash of Civilizations? 12/7/01
Israel's Remaining Options... And Ours 12/4/01
Military Tribunals - A Wartime Necessity 11/30/01
Is America Ashamed of Its Christian Past? 11/27/01
No More Undeclared Wars 11/23/01
Mideast Peace an Illusion? 11/20/01
Why the War Party May Fail 11/16/01
Bring Russia In From the Cold 11/13/01
Let the Ashcroft Raids Begin 11/10/01
Will Free Trade Ruin America, Too? 11/6/01
Architects of American Vulnerability 11/2/01
Food Terror and Fast Track 10/30/01
Tracking Down the Enemy Within 10/26/01
'On-to-Baghdad!' or 'Stop at Kabul!'? 10/23/01
End of an Unserious Decade 10/19/01
Into the Big Muddy - Again? 10/17/01
Whose War Is This? 9/28/01
US Pays the High Price of Empire 9/20/01                       

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