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TAC's Immigration Action Plan


* 9-11 million illegal aliens live within our borders. 1.5 million more will enter this year.

* 1,700 border patrol agents are stretched thin across our southern border -- less than one per mile. The northern border is even less protected.

* 31 million enter each year on tourist, business, and student visas with no background checks.

* 40% overstay their visas.


1. Impose a moratorium on immigration with exceptions (only for minor children and spouses) for one year as we get control of our borders and repair our broken system.

2. Deport all illegal aliens intercepted through routine law enforcement measures and demand that the INS enforce the ban on hiring illegals.

3. Fortify the border patrol to 20,000 -- three agents for every mile of exposed border. In the interim, governors of border states should place the National Guard on the border, and all governors whould ask the Justice Department to deputize law enforcement officers to aid the INS in combatting illegal immigration.

4. Freeze visas from all states that sponsor terrorism. Immigrants from nations the State Department calls "state sponsors of internatinal terrorism" are still allowed in the country.

5. Impose a moratorium on student visas until a tracking system is in place. Colleges and universities that receive federal funding must participate in the tracking program or lose their aid grants.

6. Conduct background checks on all visa applicants.

7. Implement a database to monitor entry and exit. Digital fingerprints and photos should be accessible to the State Department, INS, CIA, and FBI.

8. Remove all diplomats from states that harbor terrorists, denying them diplomatic immunity and diplomatic pouches.

9. Reinstitute requirements for tracking resident aliens.  The U.S. is the only major industrialized nation that has no centralized system for monitoring alien visa-holders.

10. Ask state legislatures to withhold all licenses (driving, professional, recreational) from illegal aliens.


1. Call on Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and demand immigration reform now. Otherwise, there can be no homeland security. 

Office of Homeland Security
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
NW Washington, D.C. 20500
FAX: 202-456-2461
PHONE: 202-456-1414

2. Call your member of Congress and demand they secure our borders now. The Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121. 

3. If you live in a border state, call your governor and demand he secure your state by putting National Guard troops on the border. 

4. Call your state legislators and demand they pass laws withholding all licenses -- driver's, professional, recreational -- from illegal immigrants. 

5. Demand that candidates and elected officials pledge to "Preserve the sovereignty of the United States by disavowing open-borders policies." 

6. Raise the level of national debate and spread the word by calling talk radio shows. 

7. Write letters to the editor challenging your community to get involved. For an online database of contact information, log on to

8. Educate your friends by passing along this action plan. To order copies of this brochure, call our office at (703) 237-2034.

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